Silverstream Recycling was started in 2017 as a subsidiary of Silverstream Diversified Business Limited, under the leadership of the CEO, Biodun Collins Ogundipe. Waste material collection started early in the year, while first granules production was achieved by December 2017.

The venture started as a humble beginning initiated by the CEO, due to the passion for clean city initiatives and environmental protection. It all started by participating in the Nigerian Bank of Industry’s (BOI) Youth Entrepreneurship Support Program, an entrepreneurship funding competition. Silverstream Recycling was shortlisted and eventually won a loan to partly fund the business initiative. Other required funds were then raised by the management team to get the factory started at a small scale. We believe in starting small with the little we could, learning the challenges of waste recycling business in Nigeria, and providing ourselves with the pilot scheme to get our process right.

The factory was built from scratch and was supervised by the team. Waste collection all started at first with the CEO moving around the city of Abuja in his small car, making contacts and enlightening people, businesses and companies to turn in their waste nylon materials. He was later joined by a long-time partner, in the person of Mr. Kazeem Adewuyi, who was subsequently appointed as the General Manager of the venture. And subsequently joined by another partner, Mr. Austin Uzim, who became the Director of Business Development. The trio intensified the collection of waste and gathered over 5 Tons of waste nylon materials in the first 3 months; sometimes a truck would be hired to help convey the waste when the small car obviously can’t do the job. Eventually, a waste collection van was later purchased by the company, while workers were employed as the company commenced full operation and production. We have since been generating revenue, meeting our loan obligations and reinvesting.

The rest, as they say, is history…

Enjoy the documentary (pictures) below

Silverstream volunteers