Waste Collection Services: (Industrial and Domestic)

We have in place a collection-scheme for waste plastic/nylon materials, with a reward system for artisans, traders, students, and street vendors. Our collection team are working with the framework that ensures the waste are being gathered for us with certain level of pecuniary commitment, adequate incentives, and collaborations with industries, scavengers, environmental and local agencies in the region

We are presently focused on the collection of recyclables such as LDPE, HDPE, and PP nylons/plastics. We shall soon commence collection of papers and old newspapers, cardboard, and cartons. These waste materials are recycled and reprocessed at our factory into reusable plastic bags and pipes.

We offer competitive prices for our collection and disposal services. We have the van and ability to collect a wide variety of recyclable materials. We offer collection services in this regard.

The main criteria we require apply to all grades of material mentioned above:

  1. Material must be clean and dry
  2. Materials must be free of water and sand
  3. Material must be securely packaged in an easily transportable form i.e. baled or bagged

recycleable materials we buy

recycleable materials we buy

recycleable materials we buy

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